an app that will help calculate your coding speed

An image of the end result

I had an idea. An idea to built an app to calculate the speed at which I code. It was super random; but I built it anyway. In this article, I will walk through the main steps.

One of the goals I set for myself was to finish it over a weekend.


I came up with an initial design, it included the code editor and in the background, you could see the code that you had to type.

Note: This is not what the end result looks like

A technique to dynamically configure routes for an API built using frameworks such as Express or Fastify

using the technique, we can structure our files as shown in the image and the routes will be built automatically

This tutorial will focus on one of my favorite techniques for structuring the route files. This approach uses the folder and file structure to build the API.

What are we building?

Following in the footsteps of all great tutorials, we will build a todo list API. This will provide the following endpoints.

  • GET /todo-item (Returns all todo items)
  • CREATE /todo-item (Adds a new todo item)
  • GET /todo-item[id] (returns the todo item with the id)
  • UPDATE /todo-item/[id] (updates a todo item with the id)
  • DELETE /todo-item/[id] (deletes the…

This tutorial aims to configure a voice bot using IBM Voice Gateway. This will allow us to call and have a conversation with a bot, in the background, IBM Voice Gateway will use a Speech To Text service to convert the user’s audio into text, process this text using Watson Assistant, and play the response back to the user using a Text To Speech service.

This approach provides a lot of flexibility in terms of how the conversation is handled. …

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